It's finally Spring...

The sun isn't out much so I couldn't really tell. ;)  But, the weather is nice and warm and makes me happy. :)  Chickens are running around scratching the ground and looking for tasty bugs to eat, buds are forming on my lilac bush, I'm starting to hear the wonderful sound of the wrens again, and the air just smells like Spring....good times. :)  Had another meeting at church last night for our mission trip to Appalachia.  Looking forward to serving there. :)  I'm going to practice more on my fiddle and maybe I will take it with me....but, if I can't get better, then nope not takin' it. LOL  

Made another batch of soap today.  I'm trying to get enough stock so that I don't sell out anymore.  I just love doing it.  It is relaxing and so much fun for me. :)  I'm so glad I started doing it.

God is really working on me to live in the moment.  Carpe Diem so to speak.  "Forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead"  The word "straining" really caught my eye.  It can be difficult to look ahead towards the goal.  So difficult at times that we strain to do it.  But, do it we must.  If not, we become lost in the past.  We are no good for today and can't be used for tomorrow...Thankful for my husband who is helping me with this. We may have memories from the past that we don't want to forget, but instead of dwelling on them, I'd rather keep them with me every day.  That way I can forget what is behind, but not forget loved ones or good memories because those are with me every day. :)  Hope that makes sense. ;)

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying good weather if they have it.   


  1. We are having pretty weather,in the 70's. Lot's of sunshine too,I love spring.You are so right about the memories! Blessings jane


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