New opportunities...

I'm pretty excited! I was offered to have a booth at a farmer's market in town to sell my soap starting in June.  It is held every Saturday!  What an opportunity. :)  I will probably only do one a month and possible two if I can keep my stock up. :)

I also was approached by our local community college to be on staff as an herbalist and to be an instructor for non-credit classes to teach about herbs and such!  It would be an occasional thing, which works great for me. :)  My first class I would teach would be this summer.  What a great opportunity to get some speaking experience for missionary work.  He is good, yes?  I meet with them Monday to talk more about it and to let them know for sure if I want to accept the offer. I just wanted to share some of the things going on over here at the ole homestead. :)  I'm so glad to have the chance to share my passion with others and be an example for Christ at the same time. :)


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