Soap making...

I made this Lemon Poppy Seed soap the other day and I just LOVE it.  It smells wonderful good! Fresh, fruity, lemons! Now I just have to be patient and wait until March 30th for it to be ready.  I'll be busy next week making more soap.  I have 6 new soaps I want to try. :)

You can check out my soaps that I do have available here


  1. Hi! I love visiting your blog. The soap looks really good. Why does it have to rest or cure for awhile? I don't make soap and the last time I ordered some when it said "not ready until..." I was like huh? Well it looks like I've found a new soap maker :)

  2. Soap has to "cure" to become harder and not disintegrate when used. Just like firewood has to cure to get some of the water out so it's harder, it's the same with soap. :) Also, it can take up to a week for the oils to completely saponify. I would love for you to give my soap a try. :)


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