A taste...

Yesterday we had a taste of spring...oh how wonderful it was!  I sat at our picnic table and read a book feeling the sunshine soak into my face.  The grass and trees are still a bit dreary, but I know that will change soon and I will be mowing again. :) 

This morning is overcast AGAIN, but it's supposed to be around 70.  I will be cleaning out the chicken coop and getting that all tidy.  Those chickens are sooo funny!  Yesterday I gave them some leftover spaghetti noodles and they were hilarious running around the yard with those noodles hanging out of their mouth!  Good stuff...I will probably try and get my bird feeders all cleaned up, too.  Shucks, I might even get some of the old garden spot cleared of dead weeds.  Anything to be outside in the warmth (which I love by the way)

I have another 4-H meeting tonight with the kids.  They will be shooting in the standing position.  Interested to see how they will do.  I think my two little guys will have to shoot in the sitting position though.  I don't think they have the strength to hold up the rifle standing...

So thankful my hip is feeling better. :)  I don't like to be in pain.  It gets in the way of what I want to do ;)

I pray everyone enjoys this weather...It makes a lot of things better...


  1. glad to know you are feeling better and I hope you have a lovely day. !chickens and noodles! - too funny!

  2. Nothing like warm weather to heal aches and pains and a good laugh at chickens running around with noodles doesnt hurt

  3. Warm weather and funny chickens does good for the soul. :)


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