Around the ole homestead...

The chickens have enjoyed the warmer air and sunshine. :)  Apparently, one of my Cinnamon Queens decided she liked the hood of my car. :)

I am so glad to see the grass getting greener.  I actually have to mow this weekend! (if it doesn't rain)  First mow of many I know. ;)  

In other news, I will be co-teaching a class at the college this month on the 25th. Looking forward to meeting people who want to learn more about herbs. :)  I am teaching another shooting class tonight to the 4-H kids.  They will be learning to kneel and shoot tonight.  Should be interesting. :)

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the warmth if they have it.  I know some areas are still getting snow...I am enjoying the sound of frogs and the sweet sounds of the wrens. :)


  1. The chicken at the bird feeder is too cute!

    Have a blessed day in THE LORD JESUS!

    Matthew 6:33


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