Chilly days...

It's been chilly and windy here the last few days. :(  We have the woodstove going AGAIN and had us a bowl of chili and cornbread for supper last night.  It hit the spot. 

Yesterday was so windy, it ripped the door to the chicken coop off...the captain went out there and fixed it right up.  He made it better than before. :)

I had a seminar here yesterday and it went well.  Met some new friends and gained another customer. :) I enjoy sharing my passion. :) This morning, we are heading out to Good Samaritan to serve a meal.  Tonight we have a meeting for my mission trip coming up in June to Tennessee. I am looking forward to serving there.  The captain is going to Venezuela in October for a week.  That should be an interesting trip for him.  Keep those trips in your prayers. :)

I had another store approach me about having my soap in their shop.  I am going in tomorrow to speak to them.  I haven't made a decision about that yet. I am just not sure if I have the inventory to keep up yet. :)  I have had a lot of sales that I am working on keeping up with as it is. ;)

I pray everyone has a great day.  I will leave you with a lesson I learned as we are going through Experiencing God...obedience without action is no obedience at all...


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