I am so glad I homeschool...

I don't know if you've seen it or not, but there is a school in Chicago that has banned bringing your lunch to school.  They are forcing kids to eat at their cafeteria.  What!?  So now moms are not allowed to pack their kids lunch with healthy choices such as dye free foods, homemade bread and jams, homemade cookies, fruit, etc...I just can't believe it.  This is all because of the fear of peanut allergies!  I understand having that fear, but come on.  What did people do years ago?  It's just one more thing the government wants to control and it torks me off.  Can you tell? ;) 

We have homeschooled our son (he is in 7th grade now) his whole life with the exception of 2 months when he was in 2nd grade and I had to have major surgery and didn't want him to miss anything.  It was only 2 months, because we pulled him back out and brought him home to do even a little school.  The first day in public school here in central Illinois, he was pushed down on the play ground....sheesh.  Then they had art class and they happened to be drawing kokopelli (a native american fertility god) he declined and got in trouble.  You see we had just returned from being missionaries to the Navajo and he knew what Kokopelli was and didn't want anything to do with it.  I went in and talked to them and they told me he was not allowed to opt out of that drawing...I was really upset that a parent had no say as what their child did...so we took him back home and he has been homeschooled ever since.  Yikes!  Craziest 2 months of public school...really opened our eyes.  I am thankful we had no intention of keeping him in that school, it was just for a time while I recovered from surgery.  But, we learned that even if I had to have surgery again (and I did) that we would make do with studies at home (and we did). :)

Well, now that I got that off my chest, I hope everyone is doing well and things are going smoothly. :) Off to do chicken chores and later I have an eye appt to see if the damage in my eyes has progressed or not.  I have been having much trouble focusing in the mornings and occasionally in the evenings.  Hoping it's nothing...I want to see Montana someday and I kinda like looking at my family's faces. :) I know the doctor doesn't know why there is damage and cannot tell me if/when I will lose my sight.  I hope it at least waits until I'm old. :) 


  1. Homeschooling has been such a blessing to my family. We are in our 10th year with one graduating next year and one leftto graduate in 6 years.

    I thank THE LORD daily for showing me a different path. One that has not always been easy but the one that is best.

    May THE LORD bless you this day.

    Matthew 6;33

  2. I had to get a dr note to bring Ben his lunch and snack to daycare.

  3. Wow....but, I'm glad you at least get to make his lunch for him.


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