It's nature's way...

We had a pretty good storm here last night.  Our chickens decided they didn't want to get in their coop for bed and instead chose to roost in the tree next to it.  Woke up this morning to a ton of white feathers scattered throughout the yard.  Our neighbor called and asked if we were missing a chicken...I said yes.  He said it was in his pasture. Dead. They were vulnerable because they weren't protected in the coop. Something attacked during the storm.

Tonight they are all tucked safely away in the coop.  It made me think about how vulnerable we are when we are in a storm and don't seek shelter in the Lord.  We are more vulnerable to attack.  Things are chaotic during a storm and sometimes you don't see the predator until it's too late...Seek shelter during the storms of life and you will find safety for your soul.


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