So thankful...

I am so thankful that my migraine that I have had for about a week is finally gone! I feel like I can think again and focus.  It is no fun to have constant excruciating pain in your head.  You can't rub it down like a leg's out of your hands. 

I am grateful that the migraine is gone as I have to teach at a local college tonight about spring herbs.  I am looking forward to sharing my passion for herbs and their benefits. :) More classes to come in June and July. :) 

I am also thankful for the blogs I follow.  There is so much good information out there.  I love Biblical Counseling for Women.  She has great insight and I love being able to fill my mind with things to ponder.  The homesteading blogs help me with new ideas and just plain being able to relate to people that are like-minded.  We all need encouragement in this cold world.  We need each other, we are better together. :)  I could live in the quiet mountains living off the land with my family, but after a while, we would miss fellowship with others.  God didn't create us to be alone...

It is raining here AGAIN today and I would appreciate prayers for my husband and his work.  He is a roofer and last week was very bad for work.  He only worked 18 hrs and this week isn't looking good.  I know we are to rely on Him for our finances, but it doesn't hurt to pray for provision! He tries to trust in the Lord during such times, but I can see in his face that he is concerned.  He is after all the head of the house and he was created to protect and provide.  He just wants to be able to do that.

I pray your day is blessed and for those who prayed for me, THANK YOU!


  1. Sorry to hear about your mirgrane, nasty things. Prayer for your husband, that he will find more work in the coming weeks.

    In Christ


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