A spring day...

As I sit here and write this, there is a chicken "knocking" on the back door.  They have tricked me a few times....lol. I just thought I'd share that with you. ;) It was finally a nice day here in central Illinois.  I was able to get out and mow the yard and now it looks nice again. :)  The smell of the grass always makes me smile.  The swallows aren't out yet to flutter back and forth in front of me while I mow...they will be soon. :)

I made some more soap this morning.  I am trying to get ready for the Produce Market that is coming up starting in June.  I will be there one or two times a month until October...come visit me if you are local. :)

This weather, when it's nice, causes me to ponder family.  Spending time together outside, taking walks, having picnics, going on vacation somewhere, etc.  There are some family members that I just miss so much.  I'd love to talk to them again.  I hate missing out on their life...

Well, I'd better go get the "yard" off me and spruce myself up for when the captain comes home. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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