Unexpected blessing...

For two months now I have been hoping to come across someone to know if they are still around or not.  Well, today was that day. :)  I was pleased to see them as we drove by each other.  I was pleased to wave thanking God for crossing our paths. :)  I hope he is well...

I had some tests done at the eye doctor yesterday.  I have to go back next Friday for more tests and results.  I am praying that the damage in the back of my eyes has not progressed. I am wishing the blurred vision in the mornings would go away...makes it hard to blog early like I used to. ;)

I made some more soap today (Lemon Poppy Seed).  I have sold $100 worth of soap in 2 days. :)  I kinda like that! I am excited about the feedback I am getting from my customers. I am glad they get to enjoy a natural product I created and is good for their body. :)

I am getting things ready for tomorrows seminar.  I think I have everything in order.  Now, I just need to get some sleep so I can be alert. :)  I am looking forward to teaching at a local community college on the 25th.  I love to be able to share my passion for herbs and their benefits. :)

Goodnight all...


  1. I do pray that you hear good news about your eye sight, it must be very frustrating. How exciting to see so much soap and if you are getting positive feedback, that must make you feel great.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. I hope your eyes are going to be alright. Glad the soap sold so well,good for you! Blessings jane


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