It's been a busy day. :) I cut soap this morning and labeled some. I went to a local herb store here in town as they were asking about carrying my soap. I came away with an account with them. :) That was great! I am also going to be doing some teaching out there this fall. I'm looking forward to that.

I saw the same motorcycle twice today. The first time I saw it, I started to tear up. It was a yellow Honda Goldwing. This one was a regular style, not a trike. It reminded me of someone I am missing very much. Then later on, I saw it again. All I could do was pray for who it reminded me of. So I did. Some days it's hard to not let things get to you.

I am missing my step dad as well. He was killed two days after my 31st birthday. I am now 35. My son found a picture of him earlier this week that was in some things I had forgotten about in the garage. I miss his chuckle. It's hard to do life without a dad. But, it can be done. It's just not as, well I can't even think of the word. There is just something missing.

We are not doing much this weekend. I need the rest. We are just going to go to a cookout with friends. Next Sunday I am leaving on a mission trip. I am looking forward to working and building relationships in Appalachia. :)

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend. Remember those who have served to make this country free. And remember those that are no longer in your life. It gets harder to keep memories alive when they seem to fade over time...


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