I got a new....

Hoopty. :) Or beater, clunker, whichever you'd like to say. ;)  It is a 96 Burgundy Mazda MVP.  My little red Nissan's transmission went out and had to junk her.  I'll miss my little red. :)  I'm moving up in years on the cars lol.  My Nissan was a 91 and this one is a 96.  Seems to be ok.

We are headed to St. Louis tomorrow to go to the zoo with our small group.  I am excited to spend the day with friends and family. I know Hunter will enjoy taking pictures of the animals (and maybe some of us lol)

It has been a LONG week and I am exhausted from all the vehicle drama and then searching for another one. I hope to sleep good tonight. :)


  1. How exciting. Buying these sorts of purchases can be very exhausting - so have a good rest. Happy Mothers Day

  2. A new car and a trip to the zoo sounds wonderful. Have fun!


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