Quiet contentment...

Quiet contentment in a discontent world is almost unheard of today.

Americans are bombarded with the false ideals that threaten to steal our joy while masking itself a faux remedy. We are constantly brainwashed to upgrade, and to desire not just what is good but what is better and even what is best, according to what the world dictates for us. When we do not acquire those standards, we grumble, we are resentful which can lead us on the miserable path to bitterness.  Here are a few examples:

1. Our Husbands---We might become discontent with our husbands because he might not do what we want him to do when we want him to do it. It could be that he is not making enough money or maybe he is laid off at the moment without a job. Perhaps he is not tending to the house repairs as fast as we'd like him to or is not leading as you think he should. This is very difficult because it requires us to relinquish control to God and put circumstances into His hands.

2. Our Children---Perhaps we have a small child that is out of control or an older child that is rebellious that makes us discontent. You might even have a  child whom you have poured all whole lives into that have strayed from the faith. Or, perhaps we are struggling because our children are not perfect but our standards expect them to be.

3. Our Homes---Our homes are not new with the newest __________ (you fill in the blank) Many of us might have humble homes, small, with peeling paint, cracks in the wall, etc....a far cry from the latest Better Homes and Garden edition. We look at all the dishes, laundry and all the work that awaits us and grow weary, discouraged and bitter.

4. Our God--all of this discontent leads to us becoming discontent with our God. We look around and think that we have gotten the short end of the stick and we raise our fists against Him because we feel He has not provided for us the life we think we deserve. We end up doubting and complaining and eventually having our hearts turn cold against Him.

Christian women, this should not be. We must hold tight to the timeless truth "Godliness with contentment is great gain." 1 Timothy 6:6. We must close all the open doors to our heart of discontentment that we have foolishly allowed to be left open inviting Satan to get a foothold into our lives.

Christian women, be on guard! 

Protect your homes, families and yourself by protecting your heart. 

And boldly take hold of quiet contentment that abounds with wisdom as you build up your families this week...

~This wonderful article comes from A Wise Woman Builds Her Home


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