A good day!

A good day!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Such a nice day...

It was such a pretty day today...the sun came out, the birds were singing, the kittens were out playing, and there was a gentle breeze.  I love days like these!

I mowed the yard today and rather enjoyed it. No swallows fluttering by yet. Soon.

I planted some Evening Primrose seeds and some Yarrow seeds. I'm hoping they take.  They are such a fragile tiny seed and it is supposed to rain good. Hoping they don't get washed away...

Getting excited about the mission trip to Appalachia. I get to split wood and stack it and help with some repairs on a home.  I will take it easy though. :) I'm also getting excited about the mission trip to Venezuela coming in October. We are still raising funds for that to get out there. If you'd like to donate, you can click on the widget on the sidebar and donate through paypal. :)

Gonna go do some weeding as it cools off a bit...I pray everyone enjoys their weekend. Some things never change. :)

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