Wives, let your husband lead!

I am sure we have all been guilty of it at one time or another, but it seems to have become an epidemic.  I  have seen so many women treat their husband as if they were stupid, lower than them, just there for a paycheck, or treating as if they were one of their children. 

I have seen t-shirts worn that say "I'm the boss because my wife lets me be" or "Mommy's the boss because daddy let her be"  I saw both of those t-shirts this weekend.  I was a little shocked to see those. We women are not to be the leaders of our home.  That is not how God directed it.  He put our husband in charge to be head of the house and to be the leader of the home.  He did not put us wives to be bosses of our husbands.  He created us to be helpmeets, to help our husband run our household, to be his support, and to respect him. 

I have witnessed wives undermining their husband in front of others such as with disciplining children. The husband will say one thing to the child and the wife will say something in contradiction in front of the child or others.  When she does that, she herself is displaying her husband as weak and not in the leadership role in the family.  I have seen wives undermining their husband in regards to other things, too, such as finances, projects around the home, small or large decisions, etc.  This should not be. 

I can tell you from experience that this is a difficult thing to master.  Letting your husband lead and trusting God to bless that takes a lot of faith.  But, when we have faith, it must be shown in action. It takes a lot of trust in God and your husband to be obedient in this.

Wives, let your husband lead.  Let them grow and spread their wings in the God-given appointment that he was created for.  Don't undermine them and don't disrespect them.  Encourage them, pray for them, support them, love them, be gentle.  They need your prayers.  They have a heavy burden to bear for the Lord. Be their helpmeet by helping them through prayer and whatever they ask of you. They need you by their side as their partner in this life, not as a schoolmaster, but as a helpmeet.


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