God is able...

I heard this phrase last night during small group. We talked about how there aren't many godly fathers to be an example to their family. We talked about how my husband and I do not have that example at all in our life. We see no physical example in front of us. But, the one example we do have is Christ. And He is able. He is able to get us through times in our life that are very difficult. He is able to change hearts to become more like Him so that that person can be a physical example to their children. When there is a desire to change...God is able.


  1. Your small group sounds like such a blessing. Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. I hope your soap and herbal business is going well. I've just finished another 3 day work week. It's tiring, working outside in the sun and wind at the orchard, so for the next few days I would like to relax and garden. Take care :)

  2. It is a blessing. :) Business is doing well. I got another wholesale account in town. I'm not out to make a ton of money. I just like to take it slow and enjoy it. I would like to relax, too! :) It's been too wet to get out into the garden as of late. Waiting for it to dry out so I can weed. :) Sounds like you've been pretty busy. :)


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