The grocery store...

I don't know about you, but it seems the prices at my grocery stores have gone up considerably. I was in shock as I walked the isles Monday.  Cereal I buy went up .30 a box. Fruit (good fruit) seems to have skyrocketed. Meat is ridiculous. It just makes it difficult to eat good foods.  Sure, if you eat preservatives, dyes, corn syrup, junk food, etc, it seems to be affordable.

It seems to be so important to make your own groceries.  Yesterday, I made peach jam from the peaches I got on our mission trip. Sweet Georgia peaches. :)  I have 13 jars of jam and I am happy with that. Today, I am making some homemade granola. It's so much better for you than store bought.  I am anxiously waiting for my garden to be ready to harvest. :) I just can't see how we are to eat good foods when it has been made so difficult. I have had to get more creative. That's a shame. I should just be able to get good food for my family and have to search for the "junk." But, that's not how it is....

I went to the doc for my migraines yesterday and she gave me a sample of a medicine that will stop them when they occur.  She told me to continue to take the feverfew as a preventative.  I also went for my knee, which has been so incredibly swollen since our mission trip.  I can't walk on it and I'm limping around in terrible pain. She said if it's not better in a couple weeks, she will have to aspirate it. :( I just want it to get better...


  1. I have just come from another blog about the cost of groceries, I think is a problem in many countries including Australia. Cereal is one group of items that always seems to be going up and my favorite cereal is now close on $7 (aus/USA) and I often wonder why it is so expensive.

    I have never made granola, I should give it a go.

    My dad gets really bad migraines and I can remember as a child sneaking around the house very quietly so not to upset dad.


  2. I also see how expensive "good" groceries are getting. Saving money at the groocery store is work, reading labels and substituting brands carefully, deciding to go the homemade route, stocking-up when an item is !finally! on sale, etc. I just hope good old fashioned quality brands don't go out of business because everyone is buying the cheaper stuff. I remember bringing back pecans from Georgia once, but your jam idea is a good one!


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