I'm baaaack!

I returned from the mission field of Appalachia last night. I am exhausted, but it was worth it. God did a great work through our team out there. We remodeled the outside of a house for an old couple. That was quite the task.  There were tons of wasps to fight through. We went through 16 cans of wasp spray and could have used 4 more! Two of the team members got stung. :(

This is a picture of one couple whom we were helping. :)

 This is the front of the house before work.

 Here I am trying to pull off some old plywood from the side of the house.

 This is the backside of the house. They guys are hard at work. :)

Here is the back finished with a small deck attached. :) It was fun working on it.

Here is the front of the house finished with a new front door and paint. :)

We also did some work for an older pastor cutting trees and splitting wood.

Getting shown how to work this particular log splitter. :)

It got hotter and I got a bit weak so someone rolled up a log for me to sit on so I could operate the splitter. :)  It was while I sat here that I saw a black widow crawl up the side of the log Randy is working with and head for his hand. That was scary! It was also here that we saw a scorpion come out of the wood! Good times!

Working on stacking...

 Here is the couple we cut trees and stacked wood for. :)

This trip was very good. Our team worked extremely well together. I felt so much love. The guys did a great job finding us girls stuff to do and not just doing it themselves. I learned that I take for granted how hard my husband works as a roofer. It was great to see the group come together and work for God like the church should do always. It was great to see how many godly men we have in our church we can look to. It was also great to see the godly women we have be supportive and helping. God really did a work in my heart there. I can't articulate everything He spoke to my heart about.  One thing was God changed the way I had been thinking about something for the last 14 yrs. Such a blessing! We also got to be part of a baptism there!

That was a wonderful blessing! Me and a couple of the girls sang "As I went down to the river to pray" She was baptized in Hothouse Creek. :)

I can't describe the blessing this trip was.  I'm so glad I went. Now I'm looking forward to going to Venezuela in October. I'm excited to see what God has in store. :)


  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I am in love with this post. :) Thankyou!


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