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Pics from around the ole homestead...

I wanted to share some pics from around our ole homestead. :)

A turkey wanted to check out the ole homestead. :)

Some of my girls...White Rocks, Black Sex Links, Cinnamon Queen, and Americana...


A Cinnamon Queen and Americana staying cool under the pine tree. They shimmy down in the dirt. :)

I enjoy living in the country. It cheers me up. :) I love watching the chickens run and listening to all the different birds sing. And, you can't beat the smell of fresh cut grass and the smell of the corn in the fields that are miles away. :)


We lost a chicken today to another fox...We had a neighbor stop by the house to let me know he took care of that fox. I was very thankful. I just hope that's the end of it.

I was doing paperwork today for the business and after 3 hours of entering info, I somehow lost it. :( Looks like I will be doing it again...

Our garden is an embarrassment. Every year I have high hopes and every year my health gets the better of the garden. Hunter does some, but it's been nine thousand degrees outside for us to do much out there. Weeds, weeds, everywhere. :( Green beans are done.  Waiting on tomatoes and peppers still...

My husband has been working late most nights and I hardly see him. I know it's that time of year and I'm thankful he has a job, I just miss him.  I miss adult conversation at times. 

I miss so many things. Sigh...

Sorry for the discouragement. I'm just frustrated. I'm human and feeling bummed right now...

Raising sons to value good character...

"The greatest investment a boy can make is in Godly character. One may have physical strength, bodily, health, a large bank account, and mental brilliancy, but if he is without sound character he never can become a great man of God. A good character makes a good man. A great character makes a great man. A Godly character makes a Godly man. But it can not be inherited, be handed down by father to son, nor be bought for a price. It must be built by choice and effort. Reputation is what we appear to be; character is what we are. A reputation may be lost in a moment, or in a single act; character will stand the test of time. Reputation is the shadow; character is the substance.
The world greatest need is men of right character on the farm, in the workshop, behind the counter, in the profession, the pulpit and the pew. Great and good men are needed in all walks of life."

This is an excerpt of the book
Personal Help for Boys
Building a Foundation of Godly Character for T…

It's getting there and what-not...

My knee has been feeling better the last few days. :) I guess 12 days on crutches helped. ;) I am able to walk around with just a brace and no crutches. Whew...makes life so much easier. :) I am trying not to overdo it so it doesn't relapse.

We surprisingly got more broccoli from the garden. It's been so hot here I didn't think it would still grow, but it is. :) Our tomatoes are finally coming on and now just need to get bigger and turn red. I'm so thankful for what we have gotten out of our garden. I dream of someday having a big garden again, but we will see.

I think I will try and go shopping next week for Venezuela. I need some work clothes and I am on short supply of shorts and t-shirts. I've just been putting it off...I can't wait to experience what God has in store for me and my husband. This trip will be a blessing to us both.

I've ordered all of Hunter's books he will need for his upcoming school year. I still can't believe he is an 8th gra…

Ah the smell....

It's that time of year where I can smell the corn in the fields. It's one of my favorite smells! There is just something about's homey, sweet, country, peaceful, and reminds me of family and simpler times.

We can get so caught up in busyness that we forget to live simply and enjoy simple things. I have been very busy with my soap business, but I still enjoy it's simplicity. The art of making a craft by hand that is natural, affordable, and wonderful to use makes me very happy. I get to make old fashioned soap. :)

Might I encourage you to slow down during this busy season and enjoy what God has delighted us with...the simple things in nature, the smell of the cornfields, the singing of the birds, the wonderful produce that is brought forth, family time, and relaxing. :)

I miss you dad...

Reaching perfection...

"Perfect through suffering" (Heb. 2:10).

Steel is iron plus fire. Soil is rock, plus heat, or glacier crushing. Linen is flax plus the bath that cleans, the comb that separates, and the flail that pounds, and the shuttle that weaves. Human character must have a plus attached to it. The world does not forget great characters. But great characters are not made of luxuries, they are made by suffering.

I heard of a mother who brought into her home as a companion to her own son, a crippled boy who was also a hunchback. She had warned her boy to be very careful in his relations to him, and not to touch the sensitive part of his life but go right on playing with him as if he were an ordinary boy. She listened to her son as they were playing; and after a few minutes he said to his companion: "Do you know what you have got on your back?" The little hunchback was embarrassed, and he hesitated a moment. The boy …

Hot days...

It is supposed to be HOT this week. I love summer, but I don't love humidity. :) My husband is a roofer and yes they work in this heat. I am praying he doesn't overheat and God protects those workers this week.

My garden is suffering in this heat. With my knee, it's been hard to get out and take care of it and even harder on top of the heat. The chickens are trying to stay as cool as possible.  We have a fox that comes around and tries to get them. So far it hasn't succeeded.

The swelling in my knee has gotten better. I'm hoping it continues. Trying very hard to strengthen's hard.

I have been working on soaps, lip balms, and scrub. I sell online, at home, and at the farmer's market. I have been doing pretty good. I have had a lot of positive feedback. I have a new soap out called Lavender Vanilla and two new lip balms Orange Creamsicle and Coffee and Cream. I will be doing the DMH (our hospital) craft show in November. That will be an all day show.

He has chosen me...

"I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction" (Isa. 48:10).

Does not the Word come like a soft shower, assuaging the fury of the flame? Yes, is it not an asbestos armor, against which the heat has no power? Let the affliction come--God has chosen me. Poverty, thou mayest stride in at my door; but God is in the house already, and He has chosen me. Sickness, thou mayest intrude; but I have a balsam ready--God has chosen me. Whatever befall me in this vale of tears, I know that He has chosen me.

Fear not, Christian; Jesus is with thee. In all thy fiery trials, His presence is both thy comfort and safety. He will never leave one whom He has chosen for His own. "Fear not, for I am with thee," is His sure word of promise to His chosen ones in "the furnace of affliction."
--C. H. Spurgeon

Pain's furnace heat within me quivers,
God's breath upon the flame doth blow;
And all my heart in anguish shiv…


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Test results...

Got test results back today..NO lupus and NO rheumatoid arthritis! Praise God! It looks like the swelling in the bone may be coming from my left leg muscle deteriorating and weakening my knee and caused synovitis or it's regular arthritis. :) Hoping a round of steroids for 12 days, crutches, and pt exercises does the trick. If my leg muscle keeps deteriorating, then this could be a recurring problem. Pray for a miracle of muscle building with this Myasthenia Gravis!

There isn't much you can do for the leg except try and build up that muscle which is EXTREMELY difficult if not impossible with MG. BUT, I'm praying there is some improvement as I have seen a slight improvement in the past when I was able to ride my bike.


I've got lots of things to accomplish today while on crutches. I need to make soap, make granola, can up some dilly beans, and mow later tonight. I obviously won't be using my crutches to mow. So thankful for the old Dixon zero turn.

I will try and rest in between chores, but this place doesn't run itself.

We have had a sly fox here twice trying to get my chickens and both times I save them. Hoping to permanently get rid of this fox soon. He's a fast little bugger.  He had a hold of one of my Cinnamon Queens a couple days ago and was taking off to the woods with her. I yelled and he dropped her and she came running back to the house. He showed up yesterday right next to our picnic table and our dog alerted us he was here. He didn't have time to get any chickens as I fired off a shot and he ran off. Keeping an eye out for him today!

Hope you all have a blessed day today. :)

MRI results...

I got the results back of my MRI...leave it to me to have a strange one. It showed joint effusion and bone marrow edema. We are not sure what is causing the bone marrow to swell, so she took some blood today to do some tests. Hopefully, I find something out this week...

The bone marrow swelling explains why I'm in so much pain all the time. I would appreciate your prayers.

He giveth...

He giveth more grace when the burdens grow greater,
He sendeth more strength when the labors increase;
To added affliction He addeth His mercies,
To multiplied trials His multiplied peace.

When we have exhausted our store of endurance,
When our strength has failed ere the day is half done,
When we reach the end of our hoarded resources
Our Father's full giving is only begun.
His love has no limit, His grace has no measure,
His power no boundary known unto men;
For out of His infinite riches in Jesus
He giveth and giveth and giveth again.
--Annie Johnson Flint

I am still struggling with my knee. It has returned to be swollen and painful. But, I know that God has a purpose for such things. I will continue on with what He has planned for me despite this "thing" in my life. He giveth me strength to endure what He has chosen to allow...

Feeling better...

I went to the doctor yesterday for my knee again. Tuesday was one of the worst days with it. It was very swollen and hurt so bad I couldn't walk on it. The doctor scheduled an MRI for it today and gave me crutches. I used them yesterday quite a bit around the house and would you know I woke up this morning with a lot less pain and swelling? Yay! I am hoping that the ligaments on the sides of my knee are just weak and will heal with the crutches. I am hoping the MRI doesn't show a tear. It's been hurting for a month.

My myasthenia gravis was really bad last week and the week before. I was incredibly weak and couldn't swallow meat or sit up for very long. It's too dangerous for me to take treatments so I just had to wait and see what would happen. My heart gets affected by the MG and I was having chest pain and palpitations along with it. My MG is better this weak and the heart problems are, too. So glad for that! I still get the palpitations in my heart on occasion,…


I've been doing some reflecting as of late. I've been feeling like I lost connection with our Lord at times. It seems busyness can take our focus off Him so quick. Summertime is a busy season with gardening, yard work, chores, etc. and put with that keeping a business going. I've been lax in my bible reading and prayer life. God has reminded me of it. :)

I'm trying to get into His word first thing in the morning. I want to be able to give Him firstfruits of the day instead of trying to read at night when I'm so exhausted I can barely keep my eyes on the page. I am thankful for His grace. :)

I am doing my best at reconnecting with our Lord. He is patient and waiting for me to refocus on Him. I don't want to feel like a little lost sheep anymore...

The weekend goings-on...'s was a long weekend. :) I'm exhausted! It was a fun one though. Sold at the market on Saturday (it was as hot as could be). Then we went to a movie that evening with friends. Sunday we went to church and then had our small group over for a cookout. We smoked brisket and had roasted corn on the grill, potato salad, fruit salad, green beans, and cheesecake. So yummy!
Yesterday, we had to get the mower tire fixed so I could mow again. That was an ordeal. Took a lot of the day. Then we went out to eat and took Hunter putt-putting. (I won!) Him and Ryan went and did some go-karting. I ended up in bed early last night. So tired. :)

My knee is still really bad. It is very difficult to walk as it is very swollen and painful. I have to wear a knee brace just to get around. Today is grocery shopping day as well. :( Not much fun with a painful limp.

I will be making more soap this week and also will be making a new product to sell...a Himalayan Salt Body Scrub. Good stuff. I'…

Promises Fulfilled...

"There shall be a performance" (Luke 1:45).

"My words shall be fulfilled in their season" (their fixed appointed time) (Greek, Luke 1:20).

There shall be a performance of those things
That loving heart hath waited long to see;
Those words shall be fulfilled to which she clings,
Because her God hath promised faithfully;
And, knowing Him, she ne'er can doubt His Word;
"He speaks and it is done." The mighty Lord!

There shall be a performance of those things,
O burdened heart, rest ever in His care;
In quietness beneath His shadowing wings
Await the answer to thy longing prayer.
When thou hast "cast thy care," the heart then sings,
There shall be a performance of those things.

There shall be a performance of those things,
O tired heart, believe and wait and pray;
At eventide the peaceful vesper rings,
Though cloud and rain and storm have filled the day.
Faith pierces through the mist of doubt that bars
The coming night sometimes, and finds …