Ah the smell....

It's that time of year where I can smell the corn in the fields. It's one of my favorite smells! There is just something about it...it's homey, sweet, country, peaceful, and reminds me of family and simpler times.

We can get so caught up in busyness that we forget to live simply and enjoy simple things. I have been very busy with my soap business, but I still enjoy it's simplicity. The art of making a craft by hand that is natural, affordable, and wonderful to use makes me very happy. I get to make old fashioned soap. :)

Might I encourage you to slow down during this busy season and enjoy what God has delighted us with...the simple things in nature, the smell of the cornfields, the singing of the birds, the wonderful produce that is brought forth, family time, and relaxing. :)

I miss you dad...


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