I've got lots of things to accomplish today while on crutches. I need to make soap, make granola, can up some dilly beans, and mow later tonight. I obviously won't be using my crutches to mow. So thankful for the old Dixon zero turn.

I will try and rest in between chores, but this place doesn't run itself.

We have had a sly fox here twice trying to get my chickens and both times I save them. Hoping to permanently get rid of this fox soon. He's a fast little bugger.  He had a hold of one of my Cinnamon Queens a couple days ago and was taking off to the woods with her. I yelled and he dropped her and she came running back to the house. He showed up yesterday right next to our picnic table and our dog alerted us he was here. He didn't have time to get any chickens as I fired off a shot and he ran off. Keeping an eye out for him today!

Hope you all have a blessed day today. :)


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