Hot days...

It is supposed to be HOT this week. I love summer, but I don't love humidity. :) My husband is a roofer and yes they work in this heat. I am praying he doesn't overheat and God protects those workers this week.

My garden is suffering in this heat. With my knee, it's been hard to get out and take care of it and even harder on top of the heat. The chickens are trying to stay as cool as possible.  We have a fox that comes around and tries to get them. So far it hasn't succeeded.

The swelling in my knee has gotten better. I'm hoping it continues. Trying very hard to strengthen's hard.

I have been working on soaps, lip balms, and scrub. I sell online, at home, and at the farmer's market. I have been doing pretty good. I have had a lot of positive feedback. I have a new soap out called Lavender Vanilla and two new lip balms Orange Creamsicle and Coffee and Cream. I will be doing the DMH (our hospital) craft show in November. That will be an all day show.

I enjoy doing things with my hands and it's so fun to be able to do it as a business. I am blessed that I am able to take breaks during the day as I create. :)

I pray everyone's week goes well and if it's hot by you, that you stay safe. Thinking of my loved ones.


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