It's getting there and what-not...

My knee has been feeling better the last few days. :) I guess 12 days on crutches helped. ;) I am able to walk around with just a brace and no crutches. Whew...makes life so much easier. :) I am trying not to overdo it so it doesn't relapse.

We surprisingly got more broccoli from the garden. It's been so hot here I didn't think it would still grow, but it is. :) Our tomatoes are finally coming on and now just need to get bigger and turn red. I'm so thankful for what we have gotten out of our garden. I dream of someday having a big garden again, but we will see.

I think I will try and go shopping next week for Venezuela. I need some work clothes and I am on short supply of shorts and t-shirts. I've just been putting it off...I can't wait to experience what God has in store for me and my husband. This trip will be a blessing to us both.

I've ordered all of Hunter's books he will need for his upcoming school year. I still can't believe he is an 8th grader! High school next year! Oh my...He is growing up so fast. You should see him. He is getting so tall. It seems like he woke up one day taller and hasn't stopped. :)

I hope you all have a blessed Sunday. Oh and I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately. We have been so busy here on the homestead that I haven't had much chance to blog. I'll try and remedy that. ;)


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