Pics from around the ole homestead...

I wanted to share some pics from around our ole homestead. :)

A turkey wanted to check out the ole homestead. :)

Some of my girls...White Rocks, Black Sex Links, Cinnamon Queen, and Americana...


A Cinnamon Queen and Americana staying cool under the pine tree. They shimmy down in the dirt. :)

I enjoy living in the country. It cheers me up. :) I love watching the chickens run and listening to all the different birds sing. And, you can't beat the smell of fresh cut grass and the smell of the corn in the fields that are miles away. :)


  1. Beautiful! I grew up on a homestead like that in Pennsylvania, with wild turkeys and everything (my folks still live there; (my folks still live there; we love going to visit). It really does cheer you up, being out there with nothing but the sound of birds and the good smells. :)
    Have a blessed day!


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