The doc...

I went to my neurologist yesterday. I actually enjoyed the 45 minute drive by myself. The air was cool and traffic was good. It was nice to have time to myself.

I have to go in for more testing the first of next month. I may have another muscle disease. He is looking for Polymyositis. I fit the description almost perfectly. We will see if it shows up in the testing.  I will know more the first of next month. In case anyone is wondering, Polymyositis is an inflammatory muscles disease that presents with weak muscles, atrophy of muscles, diff swallowing, shortness of breath, PAIN in the muscles, and heart issues.  All of which I have. It looks very similar to the Myasthenia Gravis. Interesting times.

I'm really enjoying this gorgeous weather. :) What a blessing! It helps me feel better. I'm sure it helps a lot of people feel better. 100 degree weather can takes it's toll on anyone! :)

My soul is getting excited for Venezuela! I can't wait for October to come around! My doc said I would be fine to go, but to take breaks and not overdo. I will not be taking any vaccinations or malaria meds. :) So pray for safety there. I can't wait to see what God has in store for my husband and I. We will be celebrating our 15 yr anniversary there. Oct 19th. :) Wow....


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