Good morning...

It's a hot one already here in central Illinois. Chickens are running around this morning searching for bugs to eat before the sun gets to scorching. Then they rest under the pine tree in the dirt. :)

I'm thankful that there is a least a bit of a breeze this morning. I know my husband will appreciate that being on the roof all day. Yesterday he didn't get home until after 7. 12 hours on a roof in this heat is miserable. He is such a hard worker and great provider.

Making soap today and most of this month to be ready for the holidays. I don't want to be overwhelmed when they roll around. :)

Grocery shopping yesterday almost had me in tears. I went over budget due to price increases. It's just crazy.  I told my husband last night that we may not be able to eat as clean as we'd like to and he said he'd sell a kidney first that we weren't compromising our health. Wow...So we will watch our budget close and we may need to increase it a bit to stay on the organic/natural side.

How are everyone's gardens doing? I hope they are doing better than ours. ;)

I have lots of cleaning to do today and that is just fine on a hot day like this. I am so thankful for air conditioning. :)

I hope everyone has a blessed day!


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