The jury's still out...

This is a white eggplant parmesean. I thought it was ok...don't shoot me, but I don't think I'm a big fan of eggplant. It was much like squash to me, and no, I'm not much for squash either...

I kinda liked it, so the jury is still out...

Busy day at the market today. We did above average today which was surprising because out town's local street fair is this weekend.  I have been making two batches a soap a day to get ready for the holidays. Fun stuff. I enjoy being able to provide something that is natural and wonderful that people enjoy using. :)

I can't believe my son's birthday is coming up next month.  He is going to be 14! Where has the time gone? I'm so blessed to be him momma. :)

I am heading to my doctor in Champaign next week. I have some atrophy occurring in my left calf now and my doc wants to have me see my neuro to make sure something else besides my Myasthenia Gravis isn't going on. Knee still acts up now and then and hasn't gone completely back to normal...not sure it ever will. 

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. :)


  1. Can I just say how proud i am of you. i am so excited that the soap is selling so well and you are able to continue. praying for your health. is the market you sell at year round

  2. Aw thanks, Pam! I'm glad, too. :) This particular market is just until Oct. Then I will do an indoor market in Nov. and then continue to sell out of my home and online. :) I appreciate your prayers for my health, I really do. :)


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