Needed prayers...

My health is declining and I will soon need to make a decision whether or not to start treatment or continue without it. Treatment consists of a small dose of chemo to suppress my immune system and it makes me feel yucky most days. No treatment will probably mean a declination in progress, continued progression of weakness (diff to hold phone up, swallow, sit up at times, etc), muscle atrophy, and fatigue.
I am functioning ok right now, but I am extremely weak and tired. Normally, I would be admitted to the hospital for a treatment, but I cannot tolerate them anymore. I have adverse reactions and have previously lost my sight, had heart issues, etc with them.
I need prayers for wisdom of what God would like me to do. I go back to the doc on Sept 2nd and have another test to see if I have another muscle disease. I would like to be prayed up to be able to tell him what my choice is.
I know He has given me strength enough to go to Venezuela and I am looking forward to serving there in any way I can. I can't wait to see what God has in store. :)
I appreciate your prayers in advance.


  1. praying, it sounds like this is a hard descision.

  2. I am calling out to the Lord with you in mind these days Stephanie. Glad to know you take such good care of yourself and that your husband is so good and supportive! God bless you folks inside and out! :)

  3. Thank you so much. The days aren't getting any easier and I look forward to my appt on Sept 2nd for hope.


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