Discovering the spoken Word...

Our family started reading the bible again together last night.  We tend to read individually, but not together. So we started last night. Some of our problem of doing it together was that we could only do it in the evenings when my husband comes home, which is sometimes later. We would read a chapter and take turns reading verses and we would end up yawning, being distracted, and tired. Sooooo, last night we discovered that the bible app we have on our smart phones has a feature that you can click to have someone read the scripture.

My first reaction last night to this was "oh this is going to be computer animated and drive me crazy!" But, when my husband clicked on the NIV version to be read, a nice male voice with some sort of comforting accent started to read. I got goose bumps. The Word came to life! We followed along in our own bibles (not on the phone) and underlined what jumped out at us. It was great! The voice made the stories come to life and I could easily visualize myself in the stories. It made me think of how the Word was read in Jesus time in the temples. There is just something about hearing the Word spoken.

It was a new discovery for us and it will make bible time so much easier, especially on my eyes and voice, which both tend to get weak in the evenings. :)


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