I am a blessed mother...

Having a son who loves you and loves the Lord is such a blessing! He is growing up so fast...

He has a heart for those that are hurting, the underdog...much like I did/do when I was his age. He will make a good husband someday. :) He visits the widow up the road who is 85 yrs old and spends hours talking with her, helping her around the house, and just being a joy to her.

He loves little kids that "aren't quite right." He has compassion for them and spends time with them. He likes to be around the outcasts and give the the benefit of the doubt.

We may have a future missionary on our hands...only God knows.

I am thankful to have him around this old homestead to help me...

I am so blessed to be loved by such an awesome son! I pray God continues to work in his life and that we continue to raise him up with a love for God and His people...


  1. Boy I wish we had that much wood. Of course we are in the mountains of NC so we do not get quite as cold as you, or the amount of snow. But still we go through the wood just the same. Tell your guys way to go and good work.


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