It's winding down...

Saturday was our last market day for our business. It was a great day there, the best we had all year. Nice way to end the market. We are selling the business as of November 7th. We had 3 people approach us about selling, which made me proud of my products. :) We chose the first person who had interest in buying. She will be using my recipes, but not our name. :) Sooo, Wiseley Used Herbs will live on in someone else's life and my former customers will have a place to purchase the products they have come to love. I still have two shows to do before we sell.

I will be glad to be able to focus my strength and energy on my home. I miss it. Being a Keeper at Home is very important to me. Not having the strength and good health to do both my business and things at home was discouraging, but I know my heart lies at home. Anyone that knows me, knows that. :)  I am praying that when I start treatment next month, it will do the trick and I will be able to get back to what I love with more strength and energy...providing yummy homecooked, made from scratch meals, canning, sewing, keeping home, homeschooling more focused, making our groceries, making our own medicine, and making soap just for my family.

It brings my heart so much joy to do those things for my family. So much that it's hard to express it here. Today I will focus on volunteering at the church, homeschool, doing what cleaning I can, cooking supper, and writing up thank you letters for our wonderful donors for Venezuela. So blessed to share that experience with my husband. :)

I pray you all have a great day. It's a bit dreary hear weather wise, but it helps me relax. ;)


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