Our "little" buddy...

This is our "little" buddy, Magnum. He is a Doberman and we love him. He's 4 yrs old now. He was about the size of his head when we got him lol. He's a great dog, albeit lazy. :) His normal day is going outside to potty, eating, laying on couch or floor, repeat. He does love to take walks though. Hunter takes him up to the widows house a few times a week. He really likes that. We chose not to crop his ears and I'm glad we didn't. I like him like this. He is a very laid back dog. :)

I went thrift shopping today and was disappointed in the selection. I really wanted to find some sweaters for me and work pants for my husband. Just wasn't to be. I did find a great mini muffin pan that I can use to make my apple cider donut holes. :) I will make those this week. Can't wait. :) We are having chili and cornbread for supper tonight. Yum!

I'm thinking about Venezuela every day. I am anticipating something wonderful and divine appointed. I want to be prayed up and I want to have a servants heart. They say one way to know if you have a servant's heart or not is to be treated like one and see how you react. I am ashamed to say that sometimes I don't react to well, but it does depend on the circumstance and motives of the other person. Still, it's something I want to be aware of. I want to be humble.

I am desperate for energy, less pain, strength, etc that I have been praying about it a lot. I just want to get back in the saddle so to speak. I cannot wait until my last two shows are done for the business! I have been reminded that God didn't create me for that...He created me to be a keeper at home. Something I am longing to get back to completely. Please, Lord, let my body recover enough after starting treatment that I may be a blessing to my family...


  1. I was very excited about seeing you beautiful Doberman as we are owners of two gorgeous Dobermans but neither are quiet, they are very lively and run about. After getting too rough indoors, they now spend most of their time outside keeping an eye on the neighbours. one is called Gaia and the other is Brenin.

  2. Great names. :) Ours hates to be outside. He can't stand it if it's under 50 degrees lol.


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