22 ways to bless your husband

This wonderful post comes from The Humble Homemaker. Great tips!

  1. See him out the door in the morning. (Something very special about this. It's very hard for me because my hubby is gone by 4:30 AM, then I can't get back to sleep, but I think it's SO sweet.)
  2. Cook his favorite meals often. (You know the old saying: The way to a mans heart is through his belly =)
  3. Look neat and clean when he comes home from work. (Being dressed up may not be reasonable depending on the time he arrives, but combed hair and smelling nice is a sure blessing!) 
  4. Handle family gathering details with in-laws. (In our family we're a bunch of women and he appreciates not having to confuse himself in our details. There are usually many details =)
  5. Spend alone time with him. (If you have small children, it's wonderful that you delight in raising them and care not for leaving them behind. But one day they will be out of the house, and there you will be with your husband. Do you know him the way you once did? Do you have fun together? So long as there is a trusted person who can watch your kiddies, there's really nothing wrong with stepping out with your love. We only get to do this one to two times a year, and we have great fun every time!) 
  6. Massage him. (If your husband has a physical job his muscles need to be tugged on and touched. If he doesn't have a physical job, I'm sure he wouldn't mind your hands rubbing on him!)
  7. Wear lingerie. (Is there a man on the planet who wouldn't appreciate this?)
  8. Take interest in his hobbies. (If you are worried about coming off hypocritical, think about it like this: You're interested in him, right? Well those desires of his heart are a part of who he is, so in essence there is a genuine interest.)
  9. Give him alone time. (Some people don't like being alone, and if that is your husband scratch this one. But it's nice to quietly unwind in our own homes. If he needs this, don't be discouraged or take it personally.)
  10. Discipline your children. (What a blessing for the man who doesn't have to come home to chaos. Having small children I understand what it's like for there to be a lot ENERGY in the home, but children need to know boundaries.)
  11. Light some candles. (Candles are romantic, yes, but they also serve to relax the body and mind. Set the stage for your man to relax.)
  12. Keep your home. (A clean home in my opinion is one of life's greatest things. There is no place like a clean home.)
  13. Sing or dance for him. (I love how in some cultures this is the norm. In my opinion this is one of the loveliest things a woman can do for her man.)
  14. Listen to him. (Sometimes we women talk too much. Point blank.)
  15. Write him a love letter. (Make it juicy.)
  16. Plan a rendezvous. (Get a baby sitter (without him knowing) and take him out to dinner, or if circumstances allow ~ a surprise weekend getaway would be great!)
  17. Be spontaneous. (Use your imagination.)
  18. Pray for wisdom. (The wise woman is an invaluable blessing.)
  19. Appreciate him. (Genuinely)
  20. Public Praise. (Not to promote pride in any way; I think it's a great way to re-affirm confidence.)
  21. Soak his feet. (Do you love pedicures? I do! I don't get them often, but soaking right at home, sitting in a comfy chair or sofa is just as good. It's really a blessing.)
  22. Look him in the eye and smile. (Let him see that sparkle that tells *I'm a woman in love*! Be giddy, be joyful.)
You know your husband best; some of these suggestions would not be appreciated by him. That's all they are, suggestions, to get the wheels rolling in our minds so that we can continue to be a blessing to God's precious gift to us, our husbands.

How beautiful you are, my darling. How very beautiful! Your eyes are doves.
How handsome you are, my love. How delightful! Our bed is lush with foliage. ~ Son of Solomon 1:15-16


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