Are you an encouragement to your husband?

When we get married, we come under the protection and leadership of our husbands. Let's face it, they have a big job. Being a leader, protector, and provider of a home can be stressful at times. They carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders.

They may become discouraged some days. As a helpmeet to him, we can bring sweet peace to them in their discouragement. And even if they are not discouraged, we can still bring the comfort, softness, and ease with how we manage our home.

When he comes home from work, don't dump your days frustrations on him. Greet him with a smile and follow him to where he goes and sit next to him and ask him how his day was. Listen...

Have a warm, wholesome meal waiting for him when he comes home. Good homecooking is always an encouragement. :) Make food he enjoys. And dessert never hurt. ;)

Make sure the house is in order. Having a house in disarray can subconsciously lead to irritation. You or he may start to feel jumble inside because of the house being jumbled.

Be available to him as much as possible. Don't reject him when he initiates intimacy. Be open, loving, tender, and focused. 

My husband is encouraged when I am just near him. I don't have to say a word. He just likes being in my presence. He says it comforts him. He likes it when I sit in the bathroom while he is taking a shower and talk with him. Sure, I could be doing a million other things, but he is a priority, so I make time to do what he likes.

Praying for your husband is crucial. This helps us be an encouragement to him. If for some reason you are angry with your husband, praying for them takes the focus off self and on to whom you are praying for. It's hard to be upset with someone you are praying for. Oh and don't make the prayers selfish praying for them to change. Pray for you to change and be more open to what he needs. We need to pray for their safety, that they would allow the Lord to lead them so they can lead us, pray for their jobs, and pray for their strength. They have a lot on their shoulders. 

I hope this gives you some ideas as how to be an encouragement to your husband. :) It's so important! Next to serving God, serving our husbands is the next most important thing we are created to do. It's quite the blessing!


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