The best whipped cream my opinion. ;)

This is how I make whipped cream. PLEASE don't buy it in the freezer section...yuck! It is SO easy to make your own from scratch!

All you need is 1 c heavy whipping cream, 4 T sugar, and 1/2 t vanilla. Use your mixer to whip this up in a jiffy!

Set your mixer on high...

Mine usually ends up on 9 or so...It's about here that I add in a pinch of cinnamon. :)

You want to whip it until you get stiff peaks...don't whip too long or you'll get butter! (Another great thing made from scratch!) :)

I used it on the Pumpkin Cream Tarts I posted in an earlier post. Very yummy! This whipped cream will be great on pies this holiday season and whatever other desserts you love to use whipped cream in. :)


  1. I whip my cream but I add icing sugar rather than white sugar - I am not sure what you call icing sugar - it is what I use to make icing with. Only a tablespoon or so it enough. I haven't added cinnamon before, I might give that a go.

  2. argh! I have never owned a mixer, small kitchens, small budgets, no blessed gift, and after all these years I have deeply rooted hand mixing habits :D I grew up on "tubs of topping" but after reading the ingredient list I left that stuff alone many years ago! These days I grab cans of reddi whip when they are on sale.


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