A day at the pumpkin patch..

We spent some time at the pumpkin patch on Saturday. It was soooo nice out! Beautiful weather. We walked around and looked at all the different varieties of pumpkins and squash. Ryan didn't seem to be too interested...lol.

Hunter, my little photographer, enjoyed taking some pictures. He took some great shots and will be entering some of them into a photo contest this week.

He is getting so big..or should I say long/tall. :)

I enjoy spending time with family. The only thing we are going to have in Heaven that is from the earth is our relationships/people. We need to invest in them.

Looking forward to this Sunday when we leave for Venezuela. I will miss Hunter as he cannot come with us, but will enjoy serving with my husband in a country we have never been.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and remember some things never change.


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