Just breathe...

On the above map, you will see Caracas, that is where we are flying into. We will fly from Chicago to Mexico City and have a longgggg layover and then off to Caracas. After we land we have a 3 hour drive to where we will be working. Please pray for strength, that it will go smoothly, and my sanity lol.
We will be working on building a structure for the people to worship in as right now they worship outside with no shelter. I will be doing the very best I can. My disease is still acting up pretty good, but I trust He will get me through and teach me many things while there. Even if I can only hand someone a tool, I will be blessed to do so.

It seems like I will never remember everything I need to take to Venezuela. Those of you that know me, know I can be a bit scattered. Yes, I made a list...but how do I know if I wrote everything down I need to take? ;) 

I did some sewing (whew, getting harder and harder) so I would have some shorts to take with me, trying to get things squared away here at home, we still have to get food to take with us, snacks for Hunter to take with him to our friends where he will be staying, oh and PACK. Just breathe...oh ya.

It's raining here today and it reminds me of times a comin' where we will be hibernating by the woodstove for the winter and enjoying our time together. But, right now, I am enjoying this time of year. Fall is my most favorite season of all. :) Pumpkins, baked goods, warm fire, falling leaves, the sound of them crunching under my feet, the beauty, crisp air...the list goes on. :)

We are leaving Sunday, so if it's quiet here don't fret, I'll be back. Lord willing and the creek don't rise. ;)
I will miss you all...


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