More Venezuela tid-bits and needed prayers...

We had an interesting time trying to get our coffee we bought out of Venezuela. We bought about 17 packs and they thought we were smuggling drugs with them. Oye. My husband was taken away alone with no english speaking people to have his luggage inspected. This happened twice. After poking the coffee and tasting it, they finally let him have it. LOL. Made a memory. :) We all got patted down, girls by the women security and boys by the men security. 

We had lots of tasty foods like Arepas, Cachapas, and Venezuelan scrambled eggs. :) Ryan ate quail eggs and also Capybarra, the worlds largest rodent. Um no not me. ;) 

The mountains were amazing. The roads were all dirt though and really rough. We got to see a large monkey in the trees on the way up to the school in the mountains. Pretty cool.

Bats. Oh the bats.

Ants. Oh the ants.

We were unable to renew our vows there. Just never had the chance. Plans kept changing. We will probably wait until our 20th now. :)

I have never laughed so much as I have on this trip. There was so much laughter it was amazing to me. I think we as Americans can be so uptight and stressed (I'm guilty) that we forget to just be happy.

Now for the needed prayers. My disease is progressing and the trip just added more to it. I have to be admitted on Monday for a treatment of IVIG. I will be there for 5 days. I am going to another town's hospital in Champaign instead of staying in our town for it. The last time I had this treatment, I was hospitalized for 14 days and was on the brink of death. I DON'T want that to happen again this time. Please go to the Lord on my behalf and ask for me to be spared from horrible side effects of the treatment and that it would help slow down the progression and give me some strength back. Thank you!


  1. I pray your treatment goes better this time. Have a blessed weekend in Sweet JESUS!

    Matthew 6:33


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