Ah the days...

I love days like these...relaxing. My husband has been making me relax since I've been home from the hospital. Tomorrow I will start back in the kitchen again baking and cooking meals...my favorite thing to do for my family. :) Apple cider donuts and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies will be coming out of the kitchen this week Lord willing.

The weather is getting dreary again and it's been woodstove weather. I love our woodstove. It keeps us nice and warm in any frigid temperature. It smells so cozy when the oaks burns inside. Simple pleasures.

I've loved watching our kittens chase after leaves on the deck. So cute...for now, until they find homes. ;) My chickens rustle up the leaves searching for that last treat of any bugs they can find before the snow flies. They are fun to watch and love the blessing of fresh eggs.

I am so thankful that God has allowed me to make a home. I love being a keeper at home and providing a warm, cozy, safe, place for my family to reside in. It brings my heart joy to make a home. I try hard not to take it for granted. I want to be able to do it even into my old age. (Lord willing) My family mean so much to me and I love taking care of them.

So sometimes, when they need to take care of me, I enjoy those days as much as I can. I love how much they love me. I love the days when they let me relax. :) Ah the days...


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