Our new addition...and update

 We rescued her from the pound. :) She is a rat terrier mix and we named her Daisey Mae. She is checking out our other dog, Magnum, a doberman pincher. 

 Hunter is playing with her. :)

She loves to sleep next to you. She is 4 mos old and last night was her first night here and she did great! She slept in her crate from 9 to 5 (because I got up to let her out, she was still asleep lol). I think tomorrow I will let her (and me) sleep in and see how that goes. She makes me smile :)

I got a call from the pharmacy late last night letting me know my Cellcept (sm dose chemo) was ready to pick up...huh? 
She said the pharmacist had it overrided. So I will start my first dose of treatment tomorrow night. Go tomorrow to find out if I can still switch plans that will cover it in the future. :) Now let's pray I can tolerate it. Should see some slowing in progression of this disease in 3 to 8 mos if my body can take it. :)


  1. Daisy Mae is adorable! I had a terrier mix of some kind as a child and she was a great dog. Praise God for some momentum towards your treatment!


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