Here is the answers to the questions I got :) I only had one person ask lol

Stephanie, If I could visit with you I would love to know about your life journey with church. Were you raised in one and then looked around for a new one when you became an adult?
I was raised in a non-practicing Catholic home (only really went to church on Christmas, Easter, and Ash Wednesday. I always felt like something was missing. Church was very boring and ritualistic to me. There was no relationship, just saints you prayed to and the virgin Mary. When my husband and I got married, we were married in the Catholic church. The very next Sunday, we didn't return to church. Instead, we started seeking other churches that focused more on the relationship with Christ. In 1999 we were baptized together in the water and started our journey. That journey has lead to many questions, meeting lots of different people (visited a Mennonite church), several out of the country mission trips, and settling down in a wonderful church home where we have been for the last 11 yrs. We are involved in ministry and love that we have a relationship with Christ.

How many times have you changed churches? Were you ever without a church home and how long did that go on for?
We had changed churches a few times in the beginning of our marriage seeking a godly church. We were not ever really without a church home more than a couple years at the most I'd say.

Also - on a more personal note - I have wondered how your mom is getting along because I remember it was about a year(?) ago when she moved and you were very concerned with that.
My mom is now in Wisconsin and is doing ok as far as I know. She and I do not have much of a relationship...I can never live up to her expectations.

Oh and 1 more question - I really liked seeing some of the ornaments on your tree in a previous post and I was wondering if you had a moose ornament? :)
As a matter of fact I do....:)


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