Happy New Year!

I am just going to be honest...I am glad this year is almost over...

It has been one of the worst years for me that I can remember. I won't go into all the dreadful details, but I've been crushed, heartbroken, drained, not as close to God, confused, and I am completely worn out.

I will say that despite all the awful things that happened this year, my desire to find God in all situations did not change. Yes, I drifted away in my relationship, but just last week was snapped out of my drift and my relationship grew even closer with Christ. I am ready to make some changes in my life. This year, I want to COMPLETELY surrender my life to Him. Not just in parts, but in everything. 

I realized when I thought I had submitted myself to Him, in a major area in my life, I hadn't...
That area? PRIDE

Oh how I have mastered the art of being prideful. It is a major problem for me. How is my cooking? Is my house clean enough? Do people like me? My way of doing things is the best way, etc. Most of the strife that enters this house is due to my pride. 

I am so thankful that God has showed me the true severity of the problem (I thought it was just a little problem) and I say problem, but what it really is is sin. Sin that is one of the hardest to let go of. But, I know with His help, I can, and He can change my heart into something so wonderful that I can't even begin to imagine what my new character will be like without pride engulfing it.

I pray that you all have a wonderful New Year. I pray it's the best one yet. I pray that God does a mighty work this year in your life as I'm sure He will in mine this coming year.

There is a day...

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  1. Can I just share that I can relate to pretty much everything you wrote in this post and I too have decided to just SURRENDER to the Lord all that is hard, all that is challenging, in addition to all that is good? and the Lord is filling my heart with a love for you and other new friends i have made this year and I am sooo thankful. for me the challenges are not health related but of being a special needs parent (also a 24/7 draining some days I feel crushed job) but I am ready for 2012 to be the year that I accept no less that living fully for jesus Christ...anyting less than him simply does not interest me anymore! prayers to you! happy new year!!!


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