I am a wife...

From Tonya at Humble Homemaker...She put into words what my heart feels.

 I Am A Wife

Too often I sense myself slipping from my God appointed role as feminine Queen of my castle to masculine warden of my domain. Because this season of my life demands more of my time, energy, and patience I need to remember my priorities and put them into practice.

An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the Lord's affairs: Her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit. But a married woman is concerned about the affairs of this world -- how she can please her husband. ~ 1Corinthians 7:34

God is my Well where I soak up His goodness to give me the strength to go forth into my future with passion and purpose. I commune with Him to have a relationship built on true love because I know Him and spend time with Him. I can then set the stage in my home for my children to enter into genuine relationship with their Creator. Ushering them into His plan. However, I am to be about my husband's business, not second to that, but alongside that. And He is there in the depths of my intimate life, holding it together piece by delicate piece.

I am his wife. I comfort and shield his heart against lies the world may whisper to him that he is not good enough. Sometimes because of my exhaustion, my frustration and pride rise up to work as his adversary. I don't feel that I'm working as an enemy, but satan can use my indiscretion as his powerful tool. In the midst of my pity party I don't realize my husband needs a wife.

I am his wife. I am a strong tower dwelling in the power and holiness of the Lord Almighty. There is no room for pity. My husband is facing lying giants. Evil forces plot and plan for his downfall. Am I aware of the ugliness trying to use me for their side. Making their job easier to bring my husband heartache. Is heartache a word I wouldn't use for my husband's feelings. Is he too manly, too distant, too busy to feel heartache? I think not; he was made in the image of God.

I am his wife. I meet his needs. I create a warm, inviting place for him to rest. A place to feel comfortable. How many times do I mark my territory all over my house -- after all, I am here all day. It smells like my home, feels like my home, it is my home. And it. is. his. home. I must remember this more often. He needs a wife.

I am his wife. Not a maid. Coldly arranging whites and undies neatly in a drawer. The neatness is more for me than for him, truth be told. He rather a messy draw if he had to choose between rows of organized socks and a disheveled looking wife. He needs his wife to be womanly. Yes, to care for his belongings, but to care for his body and mind first. He needs a wife.

I am his wife. His body belongs to me and mine to him. Pride has no place in this love.

My womanhood, my person as a wife was knitted into the complexities of my being while still in my mother's womb. By divine appointment does my husband call me his wife. In the dark hours of a marital conflict, I must remember, I am a wife. When I'm mothering my little flock and yearn to throw in the towel at the end of the night, I must remember, I am a wife. Does that mean I will always get it right? That I will always be available? No. It means that I am vulnerable. Open to all of the ways that the Lord wants to use me as a wife. Ways I cannot possibly imagine, because life is full of wonder and so full of purpose. I am a wife. It's in the way I speak in the middle of the night. The way that I express that I am tired. Tired, but willing. Willing to love him, to want him, to need him. He needs me. His very being cries out for me. It's in his DNA. I must remember. I. Am. A. Wife.

A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. ~ Proverbs 31:10

Proud to be his wife


  1. I came across your blog and really love it! It's amazing! Very inspiring!! Your posts are so nice to read.


  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement! :)


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