Being a godly wife...

My husband is leaving for the Dominican Republic on Thurs morning.  I'm going to miss him. It will be lonely and life will be more difficult here without his loving leadership, but we will get by until he returns a week later. :) My son is a great young man and likes to be the head when his dad is gone. Good practice. ;) 

My husband and I were watching a show the other night called Alaska: The Last Frontier. It was about a few different families homesteading up there. There was one couple in particular that he connected with. They were high school sweethearts (like us and about our age) and loved living off the land. As we were watching, he pointed out something she (the wife in the show) had said about her husband. The wife was talking highly of her husband about how resourceful he was and and how he could do anything. That there was nothing he couldn't do. My husband turned and looked at me and said, I thought you'd like how she spoke of her husband. I smiled and said I sure do. :)

It got me thinking...(uh oh)

Do I do that? Do I speak about my husband in such a way? Sadly, if I were honest, I'd have to say no. :( I could be so much more encouraging and supportive. I often see the negative things he does (or doesn't do) and that tends to cloud my judgement of him at times. I have made a commitment to God to change that. I mean it. I struggle with a pride issue and it has tainted some of my thoughts. I have a lot of maturing to do and I think I'm finally ready to be a woman.  Not just a silly little girl who doesn't put much thought into things, says silly things, doesn't take things seriously, and is often in her own little world. I'm 36 yrs old after all. I think it's time to really commit my life to lifting up my husband, encouraging him, focusing more on him, and being the best helpmeet God has created me to be no matter what. No matter if he upsets me, makes a wrong parenting decision, fails at something he has tried, etc. I'm ready!

He hasn't said anything about me not keeping up on such things, but I saw how that woman saying those things about her husband affected his eyes (they were soft and loving) and I know deep down he desires me to do more of that. So with God's help, I will improve on what my heart desires...

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  1. I try to say at least one sweet positive thing about my husband everyday, he needs all the encouragement he can get, he never go it from his family, and my family is the most positive, encouraging family I know! But sometimes, like you said, he will do something negative and that will cloud my judgement, but i try to remember what kind of childhood he came from, and that he is doing better!! God Bless!


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