I'm back with a video...

I took some time off of blogging and now I feel a little more rested and ready to get back at it.  I got my homeschooling curriculum ordered and it should be here Tuesday. The family made sausage together. Ryan got another deer and I was too tired for butchering so we had it butchered. I sadly gave my chickens new homes the other day. I cleaned the coop recently and I am just too weak to continue that. Plus my husband was ready to be done with them.  Maybe I will be strong enough this spring to just put all my focus solely on gardening. (I hope so)

I wanted to post this video from a fellow MG'er. Her disease is more severe than mine is, but it gives you a good idea of some of what we go through.  It's about 9 min long, but I encourage you to watch.

I just want to say that I am thankful that God has allowed me to continue to serve Him in whatever capacity I can. Serving in Venezuela even while having this disease was hard on me, but I am so thankful God allowed me that experience. I am thankful for the days when I am not in too much pain in the middle of the day (morning and night are different) I LOVE the days when I can breathe and not get winded just walking across the house. (You will understand this more after you watch the video)

We all can be used no matter what our circumstances are. I have learned compassion through pain, patience through frustration, and surrender through brokenness. God is good. (Be sure to turn off music at the bottom of my blog before viewing video)

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