Sleep study results...

Went to the doc today.  The results of the sleep study were back and the good news is that I did not have any desaturation (low oxygen saturation) or episodes of not breathing. The bad news is that it showed I am not getting recuperative sleep. I did not go into REM much and had short sleep latency. That explains why I am in more pain lately and feeling horrible upon wakening like I haven't been to bed. She prescribed me a medicine that should help me sleep more deeply. I sure hope it works. I need sleep! :)

I also had to get a neck brace/support as my MG has affected my neck muscles more and my head wants to tilt back too much. That results in very sore and tired neck muscles that need a break and so the neck support was obtained. It helps. 

My husband left yesterday for the Dominican and wouldn't ya know the toilet is acting up today. It won't flush right.  The water comes up and then goes down real slow. I plunged the heck out of it as much as I could. That didn't do anything. It wasn't even plugged so I don't know what's wrong with it. I wish I knew more about toilets as my husband won't be back for a week...sigh. 

It's been a long day with doc appt, crazy toilet, MG issues, doing the best I can to get wood to the house wood myself (my son hurt his back), so I think I am going to go prop myself up on the couch and zone out. Here's hoping for sleep and a better tomorrow...

*UPDATE: Our toilet got fixed last night! :)

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  1. I hope the medication will enable you to get a better, more restful sleep that your body needs. You are in my prayers each day.


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