Taking a blogging break...

I haven't been feeling the best. I am struggling everyday and I'm very tired. Exhausted so much I can barely do my duties.  I want to "unplug" from things and try and regain some focus and rest. I will be focusing on our son's schooling as we are changing up our schedule to homeschool year 'round. I want to focus on our homestead life and I need to focus my efforts on getting physically and mentally rested to do that. 

I go in for a sleep study on the 15th and praying that they can help me get some more oxygen in my system if needed. Feeling oxygen deprived because your diaphragm is too tired to work properly doesn't feel very good. Frankly, it feels awful. This disease is awful. But, our God is good! I will be focusing more on Him also while I'm away from the blogging world. I may be gone a couple weeks sorting things out...

Thanks for understanding and I hope to see you soon.

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  1. I will be praying for you, sweet girl! I love your blog!


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