God still speaks...My purpose

I wanted to share this with you. I have been struggling a lot with physical things, but wanted you to know that I am well spiritually. God still speaks and He is so faithful. 

I have seeking God in what I can do for Him with being so weak and frail. On Monday, He answered my prayer. He said clearly to me that my purpose is to be a prayer warrior for Him. He told me in my spirit that even though I am weak and having difficulty right now, I can PRAY. I said, but my mind is so tired, too, how can I know what words to say? He said, PRAY, interceded for others, and the Holy Spirit will do the rest. Wow....
I opened up the bible and immediately saw every word that said "pray" jump off all the pages I was flipping through. I started underlining them all. There were so many. I then started getting emails within minutes requesting prayers for one thing or another. Mind you no one knew what God was doing with me at the time. Whoa...

Ryan was at the grocery store at the time of this. It's funny because it was just an ordinary day, nothing special, but God told me His purpose for me that day and I heard it LOUD AND CLEAR.
I was so excited about what had happened to me while Ryan was at the store that I couldn't wait to tell him about it. He was happy, too. Also, when God laid being a prayer warrior on my heart, he laid SEVERAL people on me real fast like so fast I had to write it all down.

As you know, Ryan and I have a huge heart for missions, also. He just got back from the Dominican and was blessed by the trip. He is wanting to do this more such as go somewhere for 2-3 mos in the winter. I wouldn't be able to go due to my health right now, but we now understand that I may be the one who is in constant prayer while he/they are gone on the field. 

He wakes me up while it's still dark with specific people and situations to pray for. How humbling! In my grogginess of the dark, I pray fervently for whomever it is He has called me to pray for. My spirit soars knowing I am being obedient to His will.  The one He has so clearly called me to.

(I wanted to say that I know we are ALL called to pray. For me, this was something deeper He has called me to. A purpose He chose for me to do before the creation of the world. I am now ready to fulfill that and will continue to be groomed by Him by being in the Word and keeping my relationship with Him close)

I hope you all have a great day of worship. :)

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story,can I ask you to pray for my grand daughter,that God will take her fears away,and that their house will sell,so that they can move from the area where they live,which is a big part of her fears. Thanks so much,and God bless you and your family.

    Blessings Jane

  2. God is soooo good and faithful♥ I am very pleased to have found your fb page and blog today. What a blessing you are.
    Keep praying♥

  3. Stephanie I am so blessed to have met you through the Flakes. You are an inspiration!

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. :) It's only because of Him.


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