Valentine's Day Cake Pops

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valentines day white chocolate cake pops gluten-free recipe
All of you regular readers know that I have an obsession with making healthy (ok, "healthier") gluten free cake pops.  Well, this obsession continues for Valentine's Day.

I spent an afternoon in my kitchen last week in total chocolate chaos.  I even tweeted about it (if you're not involved in the party that's over on twitter you may want to join, I'm there several times daily, tweeting away).  On twitter I stated, or shall I say, tweeted,  "my kitchen is covered in chocolate and I can't say why."

Well, now I'm saying why.  My kitchen was covered in chocolate because I was making gluten free Valentine's Day cake pops two ways.  First, pictured above, they are coated in white chocolate.  Next, below, the cake pops are coated in dark chocolate.  While they have very different flavor profiles, they're equally tasty and decadent in their own ways.  Of course, the dark chocolate covered cake pops are far healthier, so if that's a consideration, I would recommend going with them.

For these cake pops, I've omitted the jam or frosting on the inside, in order to create a more simply flavored confection.  The cake I use below is moist enough to hold together without any jam or frosting to "bind" it, so frankly it's not necessary for construction, it would just add another yummy flavor.
I hope you enjoy these Valentine's cake pops as much as we do, they are a huge hit in my household, and I feel happy just looking at them (though trust me, I ate my share as well!)

valentines day dark chocolate cake pops gluten-free recipe

Valentine's Day Cake Popsprinter friendly
  1. Bake Chocolate Cake as directed on page 84 of The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook
  2. Cool cake completely
  3. Once cooled, crumble cake into a big bowl, making sure there are no large pieces
  4. Cake mixture will be very moist, no need to add frosting or jam
  5. Massage cake mixture with hands
  6. Press mixture into heart shaped mold, then remove immediately and transfer to a parchment lined plate
  7. Place plate of hearts in freezer for 1-2 hours until very solid
  8. Remove one heart at a time from freezer
  9. Dip about ½ inch of the tip of a lollipop stick into melted chocolate
  10. Insert the lollipop stick straight into the bottom of the heart, pushing about ⅓ of an inch deep
  11. Holding stick with heart attached, dip entirely into melted chocolate, until covered
  12. Make sure chocolate coating meets at base of lollipop stick; this helps secure heart to stick
  13. Twirl any excess chocolate coating off the cake pop so it is evenly coated
  14. Apply sprinkles (if desired)
  15. Place stick of cake pop into styrofoam block
  16. Complete with remaining hearts and allow to set completely
  17. Serve your gluten free Valentine's Day Cake Pops!
(You can store these gluten free cake pops in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days)
Makes about 22 Gluten Free Valentine's Day Cake Pops

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